Mädler-Passage Leipzig

Grimmaische Straße 2-4 in 04109 Leipzig


Offices under the glass dome

    The Mädler Passage is home to around a dozen offices, all housed on the upper floors. The range of services on offer include legal advice and real estate services, all the way to software development expertise. All these businesses value the Passage’s central location and modern facilities. The offices are embedded in a historical and prestigious architectural structure, with an ornate glass dome welcoming both staff and business visitors to the building each day. This page contains an overview of the offices in the Mädler Passage with their respective locations and contact information.

    Here you can find

    Apel Cruise Consult GmbH "Carara Kreuzfahrten"

    Staircase e
    Organiser and agent for high-quality cruises.

    Bankpower Personal­dienstleistungen GmbH

    Staircase f
    Job placement and recruitment for the finance and insurance sectors.


    Staircase b
    Leipzig service point for statutory health insurance provision.


    Staircase e
    BURN IN LEIPZIG – Specialized practise for health, vitality and joy

    CDU Kreisverband Leipzig-Stadt

    Staircase d
    Office of the Leipzig City branch of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

    Creditplus Bank AG

    Staircase f
    Creditplus Bank AG

    Deutsche Grundstücks­auktion AG

    Staircase e
    Leipzig office of this property auctions firm.

    Family Value

    Staircase b
    Real estate investment boutique for the value-adding development of private capital in direct investment.

    GermanReal Asset & Property Management GmbH

    Staircase f
    Management and services in the field of property investment.

    GRUENDELPARTNER Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer PartGmbB

    Staircase b
    Leading Central German law firm with a broad portfolio of services.

    knowmates GmbH

    Staircase d
    E-Commerce & Online-Marketing

    Levatio Steuer­beratungs­gesellschaft

    Staircase f
    Tax consulting, accounting, annual financial statements and financial consultancy services.

    Mädler-Passage Leipzig Grundstück GmbH & Co. KG

    Staircase f
    Office for Mädler Passage premises management.

    Mieter gesucht!

    Staircase f
    Partial area for rent


    Staircase d
    Graphics, communication, print products, websites – RAUM ZWEI develops sustainable concepts for long-lasting success.

    Sächsische Grundstücks­auktionen AG

    Staircase e
    Auctioning and property management services for real estate in Saxony.


    Staircase e
    Personnel and training

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    The Mädler Passage is a world-class architectural treasure – right in the heart of Leipzig. Don’t miss anything as you browse through the magnificent Mädler Passage: our Architecture Page provides a host of information on the many facets of this beautifully preserved, historical arcade structure.

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    "We need our offices to be right in the centre of Leipzig – and the Mädler-Passage provides us with the ideal location."

    Bankpower GmbH Recruiters, Grimmaische Straße 2-4, 04109 Leipzig